OFFICE: mailings, delivery of newsletters, computer graphics

ACTIVITIES DEPARTMENT: assist with planning and follow-up, drivers, maintain bulletin board

DRIVER: drive van and car for trips, shopping assistance

MAINTENANCE: repairs; paint; trash collection; mowing; gardening, table/chair setup for events

DINING ROOM: serving; beverage preparation; clearing, tables set up, cleaning trays

LIBRARY: assist residents in locating resources, cataloging, maintenance

TEACHING: offering occasional classes in exercise, arts, crafts, health topics, travel, and computer

HEALTH NEEDS: monitoring blood pressure, screening programs

COFFEE SHOP: host the coffee hour, prepare coffee, clean up

SNACK BAR: set up and sell snacks for special occasions

Village Partners

What is Village Partners?

Village Partners was formed by a group of residents who are committed to the continuing strength and ongoing development of Wesleyan Village through voluntary contributions.  The purpose of the Village Partners is to raise money for capital improvements, unanticipated capital expenditures, and helping to keep assessment as low as possible.  Village Partners controls the funds.  The members meet and circulate opinions and ideas.  By becoming a member, you will have a voice in this process.  A representative meets with the Board periodically to express opinions on projects. 

For more information regarding Village Partners and how you can become a member, please contact the Wesleyan Village office.